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  • Atomic Knits
    A unique twenty-something with a yarn obsession.
    Nice ginger haired girl brings crafts and knitting into the new century. She's cool, she's hip and she appears to be somewhat famous in the States.
    a blog about web design, Cornwall and life in general.
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  • our fete blog - the innocent village fete
    from innocent drinks and smoothies. Can you feel the love?
  • U-handblog
    Lisa is a generally content (who said generally - don't get me started!) 30 something living in London, who amongst other things sells everything you might need to make unique and lovely handmade handbags at home.
  • print & pattern
    Love patterns? Love this!
  • Obsessive Consumption


One-Line Bio

Print and Textile Artist. Founder of Gee How Quaint


Gee How Quaint began with my random scribblings on a large piece of tissue paper. My friend Katie can attest to this, as she and I were hunched over the desk, markers in hand, creating all sorts of mind maps and bubbles. This was all done in a backroom of the Conran Shop, but shh, don't tell anyone. How can I expect to not be creative whilst surrounded by all that good design?

A couple of years and several months later, here I am, designing groovy fabrics and travel bags for my very own business. It is such a hoot.

My life values have also become my business values:

I value the talents of others. This means that after I print the fabric, it is lovingly and excitedly handed over to local seamstresses to make into fabulous travel accessories.
I don't like being fussy, ergo, my bags are all unfussy and machine washable.
Plastic is so not in right now. Gee How Quaint offers great alternatives to that pesky and environmentall unsafe plastic bag. No more putting shoes and wet swimwear into plastic bags. We offer a fashionable, safe solution.

I get my kicks creating beautiful bags for people to enjoy as they traipse around the world, to work or to exotic destinations like Greece or China or Nebraska.

This is me and my tiny empire. Welcome.



fabrics, etc, shoes, furniture, oh yes, coffee. coffee. coffee. chocolate. patterns. home decorating and travel magazines, a bit of art history, ogling current designs in fashion, love shoes, and my dog is ace.