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December 14, 2010



I am gunning for the flagephant - but I fancy the grass heart too :)


Much as it saddens me to think of that little knitted duck being stuck in some glue, I applaud your plotting!


If I do two comments will that still count as one? Because I could fire you off 39 more and get that elephant stuck down right away :D

Pete Hindle

That little duck for 20 comments is the best!


Oh I'm all about the heart made out of... of... HAY?

Get that superglue ready...


Wait, what? Why do you even own some of these things? Never thought I'd say it, but I agree with Mark here...


Is that all? I am sure we can get far more things glued to that bad boy. I love the elephant though - that's a must.


Is that one of the ducks from the guerrilla knitting done for the Newcastle SciFest/Maker Faire in March 2010?


How many comments do we have to make for you to glue them all to the elephant?


Yes,Shannon, it is. But don't worry, I will only use a tiny dab of water soluble glue. I'm not out to ruin my own things.


You can always tell him it is an "art installation" IF you say its about counting maybe he'd like that ?


Damn straight that's what I was thinking. Then my afterthought was " I actually WANT that elephant!"

Does Mark know about this plotting, and if so what has he said?!


So far, my husband knows nothing of this plot. That's why this is so very wonderful and hilarious. Also, I think officially calling the decoupage elephant a Flagephant is genius. And lastly, I cannot count my own comments in this. It just seems wrong. Thanks everyone!


I want a flagephant too! An seriously considering decoupaging one of my elephants now.

The flagephant MUST make it to the bedside table.

Adrian Bridgett

Great idea, I wonder if we can up the stakes. Glue them to a hat and walk around Edinburgh if we reach the dizzy heights of fifty perhaps?

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